Discover The Four Jewels of Online Marketing To



Your Jewelry Sales and ROI




Increase your 4 and 5 star reviews

to gain referrals, new customers,

and cement relationships

Customer Connect+ is an ‘email engagement platform’ that builds relationships and, through them, drives more 4 and 5 star reviews, automatically.

It transforms all those emails you’ve been accumulating as an email list for out-bound marketing into an ‘engagement’ list of all the people who 

  • have bought from you, like you, and wish you well 

  • are eager and willing to leave you great reviews 

  • would be happy to refer friends and family 

  • appreciate your timely recurring messages and offers

With Customer Connect+, your email list becomes a gold mine of great reviews, customer referrals, increased loyalty and retention, and new sales.

In fact, jewelers on the platform see their review ratings go up by nearly two stars and their revenues increase by 12% on average.


$300 monthly

Find 'look-alike' consumers in your marketing area

who resemble your current best customers for ads and emails

Next-Gen IP Targeting

Now you can spend your hard-earned marketing dollars to reach the people who are most likely to become new customers: those folks with the same profile as your current loyal customers. 


With 100% accuracy and 0% waste.

Once your consumer and/or business list is onboarded, the platform generates a look-alike audience for targeting. This audience is built from a proprietary database of over 750 consumer demographic and business firmographic variables, from within one of most comprehensive data warehouses of consumers and businesses in the U.S. and Canada.

The technology is capable of leveraging hundreds of actionable data variables to generate thousands of models per audience, identifying the subtle data interactions that return more accurate results. 

This is direct mail and ad targeting for the digital age.


Depends on marketing area and number of impressions

Site Visitor Attribution (SVA) represents a breakthrough in website attribution and analytics. It's more comprehensive in comparison to other attribution programs such as Google Analytics because it goes further than simply measuring trends and activity on your site.


By capturing IP and device information and matching it to one of most comprehensive data warehouses of consumers and businesses in the U.S. and Canada, SVA provides a complete mapping of the demographic and psychographic profiles for every site visitor.


Daily Reports        $750/mo


Weekly Reports    $400/mo


Monthly Reports  $200/mo

Turn anonymous website visitors into real people with names, addresses, phone numbers, and emails

Site Visitor Attribution


Vault onto Google's first page in organic search

for the most used search terms by jewelry shoppers


A network of 30,000 businesses share links with one another, based on their relevancy. Relevancy is determined by your 5 or 10 keywords—which is why you need so few to start receiving links from other businesses who share the same keywords.


Simultaneously, content writers are writing ‘authoritative’ articles against your keywords that are posted on your site. This in itself is a highly prized benefit, since Google sees you getting more activity on your site. But the platform also adds code to your links for each article, making them even more authoritative.


SEONetwork is one of the digital world’s most powerful technologies for SEO. Best of all, after choosing your keywords and on-boarding, you can get back to work and forget about it. 




(best for local markets)

10 KEYWORDS  $750/MO

(best for national markets)

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